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Margaret Caruso

Partnership Coordinator
Margaret Caruso

I have a deep compassion to love people, especially in a time of need or
hurting. I feel that most times we look at people in pain and claim their
actions to be the person they are. I believe if we look deeper, we can see
that there is a resilient person that can change and grow when there is a
little less pressure and more passion. I also believe that youth are
vulnerable because of their natural tendency to be taught and guided. At
Liberty for Youth, the team builds relationships with the youth that are
steadfast and enduring. A new influence is planted in their lives so they
can have someone to turn to when life is pressing in. Starting as a
volunteer at LFY, my heart gravitated towards this main purpose; to never
give up on people and to see their potential!

Working alongside LFY, I know that I am helping them to change the lives of
the youth in our community.