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Liberty For Youth is recognized for our innovative Mentoring Program Model designed to build positive inner character, instead of just addressing outward negative behaviour. Our Staff and Volunteers use an intensive mentoring model that inspires youth to take an active part in turning their lives around to escape a life of poverty, substance use, and crime. We provide a non-judgmental, safe environment, and a set of structured activities that result in the development of:

  • Social skills that improve self-perception, boost confidence, encourage self-respect and respect for others
  • Life long learning skills and an understanding of the importance of achieving a high school education (at minimum)
  • Personal interests and practical skills that lead to employment opportunities and job satisfaction
  • Physical health and wellbeing through a routine of regular exercise and good nutritional habits
  • Moral and ethical values that promote inner discipline and inspire faith and a hopeful future

For Eligibility and Registration please contact Cliff Simon – Program Facilitator

Call 905.297.7929 or email