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Bright Choices

Males & Females aged 15-19
Bright Choices

The Bright Choices program is for youth who want mentorship to help with the challenges they are having in school. It is also for those who would like to get back into school.

Through this program we offer free of charge:

  • Homework Supplies and Work Space
  • Help with Projects/Homework
  • Alternative Booklet Help
  • Snacks
  • Xbox Kinect Gaming
  • Computer Access
  • Printer Access
  • Gym Access and Transportation for Recreation
Bright Choices
Day Program

Youth who are not currently attending secondary school will receive assistance in the process of completing secondary school.

Bright Choices

Rebecca Burlet

Program Hours

Monday | 2-6 pm

Wednesday | 4-6 pm (co-ed tutoring)
Thursday | 5-9 pm
Friday | 1-5 pm
Saturday | 12-6 pm

Funding for this project is provided by:


J.P. Bickell Foundation

Hamilton Community Foundation

Arcelor MittalFounda