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Laurie Williams

Laurie Williams

Background:  Laurie was born and raised in Hamilton. She attended Mohawk College back in 1999 obtaining her certificate in Medical Administration. Laurie has been in medical administration for the last 25 years. Currently, Laurie is working at the Hamilton General Hospital for two very busy Neurologists. During the past few years Laurie has also been attending (part time) McMaster University registered with the Department of Humanities. Laurie believes there is always new ideas and issues to learn about. 

Community:  Laurie has a heart for missions and has participated in short term and long term mission trips to Central America and the Caribbean. Three years ago Laurie went to Honduras for 10 months to teach at a Christian School. She has always had a heart for teaching children and had the opportunity to apply her passion to grade 4 elementary students. She believes education is one of the keys to diminish poverty and promote confidence in youth. 

Plans:  Laurie would like to continue her passion for missions and believes this undertaking can be done right here in our city of Hamilton. For this reason, Laurie is honored to have a role on the board for Liberty for Youth. Leading adolescences to make a decision to choose their destiny is an amazing opportunity to be involved and help shape the future of our youth.