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Alpha Timbo

Program Facilitator
Alpha Timbo
In 2004, I was one of the first young men in the Liberty For Youth program who lived with Frederick & Tanya for about three and a half years.
As an Alumni for Liberty For Youth, I am eager to live a life full of purpose and a sense of direction. In my younger years it was not so; growing up without my parents, getting involved with the wrong groups, and getting in trouble with the law had me headed down a path. It would have either led me to prison permanently or possibly killed.  While living with Tanya and Frederick, I saw their level of commitment towards Liberty For Youth and myself that I was never introduced to before. There, consistency, enthusiasm, motivation, compassion, and grace showed me another side of life that I thought never existed. My transition from a life of no hope to one of great meaning and purpose was difficult but necessary. I made the important changes needed to be made. Though the process was tardy, the end result was worth it. Through many good choices made since I started with Liberty For Youth, I am now a writer, an author of a book called Ambition, a motivational speaker, an inspiration to my peers, and the generation coming behind me.
I personally understand what it means to reach out to young people giving them, ‘The Liberty to Choose’ so that they may aspire to do better in any given area and eventually become the best version of themselves just as I did.