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Summer Program Facilitator

As a Hamiltonian, joining the Liberty For Youth team is quite a blessing and way to be further involved in my community. I will be working directly with the Prodigal Sonz program and I am so excited to bring my post-secondary basketball experience, as well as life experience, to the youth. My passion for basketball extends beyond the physical aspects and that appealed to me most about Liberty For Youth. The Prodigal Sonz recognizes basketball as a resource for stimulating skill development and personal growth.  

I am going into my fifth and final year at Redeemer University studying Psychology as my major, with a criminal justice minor. Being able to combine and utilize my four years of academic training and experience is going to be an amazing journey with the Prodigal Sonz. I feel as though it is an ideal environment to continue to learn and develop myself alongside the youth, building and bringing one another up along the way.
Foster has received the following awards:

- Ray Lewis Community Service Youth Award (2019-2020)
- Lloyd Hack Memorial Scholarship Winner (2019-2020) 
- x3 Defensive Player of the Year in the OCAA West Division
- 2016-2017 All Rookie Team