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3D Project

Males Aged 15-19
3D Project


Having a clear perception of your personality, including strengths, thoughts, beliefs, motivation and emotions. Self-awareness allows you to understand other people, how they perceive you, your attitude and your responses to them

STEP 1 - Career Life testing – soul discovery (self-analysis)

STEP 2 - Strategic Plan/SWOT Analysis completed with each individual

STEP 3 - Shadowing in the areas of Interest (to assist with career choice)


Give youth mentors, safe and non judgmental places to learn, being honest about their starting point so skill sets can be built upon.

STEP 1 - Provide professional mentors

STEP 2 - Provide Co-op partnership/placement

STEP 3 - Provide Certification/Award


Youth apply their learned skills in chosen career path/employment.

STEP 1 - Internship, Apprenticeship, Scholarship

STEP 2 - Social Innovation/Youth start their own business or are employed by a business; established by Liberty For Youth

STEP 3 - Exchange Program

3D Project
Duration of Program

Each of the 3 listed stages (Discovery, Development & Deployment) will run for 6 month cycles; upon completion of the level – there will be a formal graduation ceremony and youth will obtain a certificate of completion. For youth that have fallen behind, have been in/out of gangs/jail etc., we will provide a trained staff who will work directly with these youth to meet their specific needs.

3D Project

Johny Gakwaya

Program Hours

Tuesday & Thursday | 3 – 6pm
Saturday  | 12 – 3pm & 4 –7pm
@ the Liberty For Youth Centre – 1925 King St. East, Hamilton

Funding for this project is provided by:

Canada Department of Justice