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My name is Yaw Owusu Jr, I was born in Illinois and came to Canada at the age of 3, I lived in
Hamilton then moved to Niagara and, I’m now back in Hamilton. My parents both immigrated
from different parts of the world and came to America and Canada to build a foundation for me
and my brother. I’ve been actively helping in the community while volunteering for Victory
International Church over the past 6 years. I found my calling to help people in high school and
ever since I’ve been a helping hand.

Currently I am in my first year studying psychology at brock university, my future academic
wise is to graduate my masters and become a psychologist and/or therapist, and continue helping
people with their needs.

From personal experience and from hearing other people’s stories, I believe to be an active
advocate that young people should get jobs as soon as possible, as it builds certain skills you
need in day-to-day life when you become an adult, like strategizing and teamwork for example.
As a youth council member I will be researching the effects the COVID pandemic has had on
youth employment. With my help I want to be able to make it easier for the youth to attain
employment and carry on building careers. I am personally excited to work with this council as
our council is filled with bright minded individuals ready to make an impact in today’s society.