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Thank You: Fundraising Gala

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Thank You: Fundraising Gala


Wednesday November 6, 2019 @ 5:30 PM


Wednesday November 6, 2019 @ 9:00 PM


Carmens Banquet Centre


This year was our largest gala yet. With over 800 guests in attendance we raised over $83,000 for our mentoring programs. Our favourite part of the gala was the privilege to award another $10,000 in post-secondary scholarships to 10 youth. One youth is beginning their studies in Mechanical Engineering at Humber College. Most of the other youth are studying locally in Hamilton. I’m so excited to see what their futures hold! 

This year we welcomed 5 Alumni members, who have graduated from Liberty For Youth programming to share their updates with us and how Liberty For Youth impacted their lives. All of the alumni members are doing well, working full time, starting families of their own and 2 are entrepreneurs. 

One Alumni member, Greg shared, “When I was involved in crimes & gangs, I wanted to leave but didn’t know how. Liberty For Youth provided the environment and mentorship for me to leave.” 

Young artist and Bright Choices attender, Shamika, spoke to our guests and unveiled a large painting she had been working on over the past few months to reflect the positive changes that have occurred in her life. This was a highlight of the night. We also had a special visit from Alpha. Alpha was the 2nd youth that Tanya and Frederick took guardianship 15 years ago, when Liberty For Youth was first being established. Alpha is now an author and motivational speaker. 
We are so proud of all of these young men and women who are seeing the fruits of making positive changes in their lives.
We already are looking forward to next year. 



Thank You: Fundraising Gala