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Program with Horses

Program with Horses

We are excited to open the wait list for youth to join one of our youth programs at the 7Rs Ranch in Brant County. We offer two program streams. 

L.E.A.D. - (Liberty Equine Assisted Development) Program is designed to develop the limited skill sets of at-risk youth.  The youth go through special activities while leading a horse individually or in a group. Each structured activity is a fun and engaging exercise with an intended learning outcome to increase employability skills in the youth.  Communication skills, respect, boundaries, and team work are just a few of the skills these activities develop.  With an opportunity for a farm internship, the youth can also develop experience for their resume that is often blank.

Leading WELL - Leading Well is a new program to help youth develop a personal approach for their mental wellbeing. The youth will escape the city and join us at our peaceful 7Rs Ranch. The youth will learn to care for horses and themselves in an effort to help them improve symptoms of mental health challenges such as depression and anxiety. 

No experiences with horses is ncessary. This program is on the ground (no horseback riding). Both programs are offered Tuesdays and Thursdays for 1 hour sessions. Brant County Transportation is available to the ranch on Jerseyville Rd. Spots are limited. Contact Jenny at for more information or to register.