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Arnie's Journey: Overcoming Barriers with the Bright Choices Program

Arnie's Journey: Overcoming Barriers with the Bright Choices Program

Arnie: Overcoming barriers with the Bright Choices Program

Arnie's experience showcases how dedicated support and opportunities can help overcome challenges and turn aspirations into reality.

Overcoming Education Challenges

With support from the program and its dedicated team, including Rudy and Frederick, Arnie was able to address these barriers and take steps toward achieving his educational goals. Arnie shares, "Before the program, I wanted to go to college but due to a few barriers I wasn’t able to do so." The program not only identified and addressed these barriers but also took proactive steps to pave the way for Arnie's educational pursuits, that’s why we paid his application form and he just got accepted into the Police Foundation program.


Gaining Skills through Apprenticeship

A pivotal moment for Arnie was participating in an 8-week apprenticeship with LiUNA 837. This experience not only introduced him to skilled trades but also provided him with 14 valuable certifications.


Supporting Mental and Physical Well-being

The Bright Choices program went beyond education and employment by supporting Arnie's mental and physical health. Transportation assistance from Rudy ensured Arnie could engage in activities like joining a Martial Arts gym, helping him stay focused on fitness goals and overall well-being.


Goals to Reality

With the support of the Bright Choices program, Arnie not only overcame barriers but set new goals for himself. He plans to obtain his driver's license and excel in college starting in the new year.

Thanks to generous supporters like TELUS & TELUS Friendly Future Foundation, we can keep supporting youth like Arnie.