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Zinya Omar

Summer Intern
Zinya Omar

The reason I chose to work for Liberty For Youth was because I feel that I can make a positive impact on the youth that are around my age range. Also, being a high school graduate, I can connect with them on a personal level of comfortability. I can share some of my high school experiences that they can relate to and help them to overcome barriers in school, helping them to feel more confident and excel in areas where they feel they've struggled with. Working with children/youth at People’s Church showed me how to be a role model for smaller children and how to be a leader. My experiences have also taught me how to be a shoulder to lean on in any situation. We've all had barriers in life, but I want to be the change for other youth and I feel like I can and WE can, together. What I hope to accomplish is being a voice for youth that feel like they don't have one, as well as guide them to success and make them feel proud of their accomplishments.