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LFY Overcomers

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Meet Luis – LFY Overcomer

Luis stepped into the ring of life 17 years ago to a loving Mom and proud Dad.  He was the rookie opponent and his father’s past was the defender and reigning champion. Hopelessness was the referee. Poverty and Abuse were waiting on the sidelines. It was an unfair match - four against one. No matter, Luis had a will of iron and he did his best round after round. 15 years later he was still there fighting alone. After losing his dad last year in a brutal crime the signs of fatigue started to show in his grades, in his health and for his future. Did he give up? No. One battle at time, Luis put his fists up and fought for the survival of himself, his mom, and his sister alone. He wasnt sure how long he could keep it up. Now enter Liberty For Youth in his corner. Game Plan: Resources – Hope – Education. Luis has been with us for over a year now. We are proud to say he is coming out on top a lot more these days. With this support, Luis is getting better grades and planning for post-secondary school. We know that Luis is going to be a great man as he fulfills a great purpose. He will be able to stop surviving and begin thriving. All he has been through will make him strong and successful. Luis keep up the great work. We are proud of you! You are already triumphant!

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