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In Memory - Edward Owusu Okae

From the Children of Owusu Family

Our Dad, Mr. Edward Owusu Okae, was a very generous and loving father to all his six children and other relatives that lived in the same household with us. Our home was always a full house with lots of fun and working together as a family. Raised as a Christian with his biblical values of love, respect for one another and hard work, Dad believed in allowing everyone to succeed and shine. The development of one’s human capital, respect for life and human dignity were all part of his beliefs. My father and mother adopted relatives who, at critical points in their lives, needed help, and our parents were there to help them. As such, together with Mom, they invested in raising us (the six siblings) and our relatives (i.e. cousins, nieces and nephews) in the same household. Everyone they raised became successful in life, thanks to their joint effort and belief in God to help others in our society. We are grateful to God for giving us parents like Dad and Mom.